NHS Eligibility: Who Qualifies for an NHS Sight Test?

  • Over 60s
  • People with diabetes or glaucoma
  • People over 40 with immediate family history of glaucoma
  • Those registered blind or partially sighted
  • All on list below

Who Qualifies for NHS Spectacle Vouchers?

  • Children under 16
  • Full time students under 19
  • Income based benefits, i.e. Income Support, Working Families Tax Credit, Income Based Job Seekers Allowance and Pension Credit Guarantee.
  • Those holding Form HC2/3
  • Complex lenses (partial help)

Does the NHS Eye Examination Cover All Tests?

No, the NHS eye examination is a minimum standard of duty in detection and diagnosis of eye problems.  With advancements in technology like 3D OCT retinal scanning, earlier diagnosis and assessment can achieved.  Unfortunately there services are not funded within the NHS eye service.  You can upgrade any NHS eye examination to Premier Eye Examination by adding an OCT scan.  Of course, the choice of NHS only or Premier eye examinations is your choice.

If you want to add an OCT scan to your NHS examination just click on ‘Extra’ in the booking form and select 3D OCT retinal scan.

Changes in NHS regulations since 2001 mean that we may require evidence of NHS eligibility.

You may be required to produce your NHS card or benefits booklet as evidence of entitlement. NHS Sight Tests are only available at intervals specified by the NHS (usually, but not always, 2 years). An eye examination within that interval may incur a charge.