What is KeraFit™?

KeraFit is a precise keratoconus scleral lens fitting system for moderate to advanced keratoconus that overcomes many of the issues encountered by keratoconic patients.  Using the latest oxygen permeable materials and manufacturing techniques, KeraFit is a larger diameter lens fitting system that aims to bridge the cornea thereby providing little irritation to the cornea.  KeraFit also provides comfortable wear with better vision than standard small diameter keratoconic lenses designs and significantly better vision than keratoconic soft lenses.

Better for Comfort!

  • Kerafit is a different design
  • Less chance of losing lenses

The standard approach to fitting keratoconus is to try and match the contact lens to the irregular shape of the cornea.   Although this works well for mild keratoconus, these designs are not ideal for more advanced keratoconus, resulting in more discomfort and lens loss.  Rather than align with the cornea, KeraFit scleral lenses aim to clear the cornea completely and align with the white of the eye.  KeraFit lenses are therefore a little larger than regular soft contact lenses at around 16-18mm but they feel far more comfortable than the smaller keratoconic rigid lenses.  Because KeraFit scleral lenses don’t touch the cornea, there is less likelihood of the lenses causing irritation to the cornea which can result in scarring.

Better for Vision!

  • Less variation – as the lens moves less, vision is more stable
  • Better at night – unlike small keratoconic lens designs which move over the eye with each blink, scleral contact lenses stay central and move minimally so night time vision is better when pupils get larger.
keratoconus contact lenses

Who is Suitable?

Anyone with moderate to advanced keratoconus.  Your eye-care practitioner will typically inform you of the severity of keratoconus, however, from the topography maps (a device that measures the shape of your eye and therefore measures the irregularity of your eyes) we can accurately evaluate the extent of the irregularity of the cornea.

Standard Lenses versus KeraFit™

Standard Fitting

Standard keratoconic fitting to a moderate to advanced keratoconic eye results in a lens that is typically more mis-aligned with the cornea.  This results in the lens applying greater pressure on the cone causing it to rub on the eye.  The picture below shows a standard lens on a keratoconic eye.  It appears green because the tear film is coloured with a fluorescent dye that ‘glows’ where the tear film separates the lens from the eye.

keratoconus contact lenses


When small diameter lenses lenses are resting on the cornea, they often rub on the cornea resulting in staining.  The staining indicates cells have been damaged or lost as a result of the persistent rubbing of the contact lens.

keratoconus staining

The staining eventually leads to scarring or the cornea.  Central scarring is particularly important to avoid as it interferes with vision causes increased light sensitivity and difficulty seeing at night.

keratoconus contact lenses

KeratFit™ Lenses

KeraFit scleral lenses bridge the cornea therefore avoiding contact with central cornea. The weight of the lens is distributed over the much stronger sclera (the white of the eye).  As the lens does not touch the cornea, there is less chance of the lens rubbing the cornea.  Patients wearing scleral lenses notice significant improvements in comfort.  Many also notice improved vision as the lens does not move as much as a standard lens.

keratoconus contact lens