Your safety is paramount during these testing times.  This page outlines our investment in making our practice a safe environment for you when attending for your eye-care.  We’ve also provided all our staff with clear protocols to maintain the best standards in hygiene.

We didn’t want make the practice into a sterile environment where plastic shields and guards act as a barrier to communication.  That’s why we’ve implemented bespoke tasteful fittings like our “spectacle shields” designed to protect you and our staff.

Cancel your appointment if you have a temperature or persistent cough or if you live with someone who has Coronavirus.

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Front of Practice Changes

The first thing you’ll notice is that our door now has a magnetic lock – a bit like a jeweller shop.  This is to ensure we control the number of people entering so that there is a safe distance between everyone in the building.

Upon entering, you’ll have your temperature measured.  We measure it 3 times and take the average reading.  If it is high you will be asked to rebook your appointment.  Our frames and waiting area has floor markings to ensure social distancing.  Our staff will guide you to one of a number of hand sanitisers located throughout out practice.

Choosing Glasses

You can try as many frames as you wish.  Just put them down on the shelf after trying them.  We then put them into a U.V disinfection unit that kills Coronavirus.  They will then be placed back on display.  Our dispensing areas tables and chairs are cleaned in between every patient.

A New Technology Room

During the 1st lockdown, we knocked down walls and invested in even more new technology!  Our brand now technology room now allows our technicians to perform advanced clinical tests in a large space.  Many tests are performed in this area that allow our Optometrists to evaluate the results and discuss them with you in the consulting room.

Every instrument will be wiped down before you are asked to perform a test.

Our Consulting Rooms

Our consulting rooms are large – 4m in length.  We also have air vents and air conditioning throughout the building.  Our microscopes are fitted with breath shields and our Optometrist wear PPE.  All the results from tests performed in our technology room are visible in the consulting room and our Optometrists will discuss these with you.

You may be concerned about the lenses we use when determining your optical prescription.  We do not use traditional trial lens sets in a frame.  For many years now we’ve moved to a computerised phoropter.  This is the safest and most hygienic way to assess your prescription as the device is wiped  down very easily as the lenses are sealed within the device.